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Ginger Powder - Improves Metabolism, Boost Immune System & Aids in Weight Loss

Culinary Benefits of Ginger Powder

Ginger truly is a superfood. Dried ginger powder is commonly used in spices, masalas, curries, and stews. Besides adding flavour, adding a pinch of this spice in rajma and chhole masala can help prevent excess gas in the stomach. A cup of masala chai is great for a common cold or a sore throat. Make a hot cup of tea with cinnamon, cardamom, cloves, fennel, and ginger powder. The dried ginger powder adds flavour to ginger candies that help treat flatulence.

Beauty Benefits of Ginger powder

Its anti-inflammatory and anti-bacterial properties help unclog pores and kill acne-causing bacteria. To form a smooth paste, combine milk and ginger powder. It should be applied to your face and left on for around 15-20 minutes. This mask will refresh and renew your skin, giving you a youthful radiance. You can also make a toner with ginger powder—boil two teaspoons of ginger powder in four cups of water. Add a few drops of rosemary or lavender essential oil and mix it well. Store it in a glass bottle and refrigerate. It keeps your skin hydrated and reduces dryness.

Relieves Upset Stomach

An upset stomach can be annoying and painful at the same time. Ginger has anti-inflammatory properties that help the stomach neutralize the digestive juices and further stimulate food digestion and absorption, eliminating the excess gas from intestinal tracts.

Improves Metabolism

The dry ginger powder contains thermogenic agents that are useful to burn fat. Regular consumption of ginger powder may help in boosting your metabolism and burning off the excess fat, further helping you lose weight. Make sure to add ginger to your daily diet to aid in weight loss. The dry ginger powder contains thermogenic agents that are useful to burn fat.​

Cure for Motion Sickness or Morning Sickness

Ginger powder is an easy solution for pregnant women's motion and morning sickness. Ginger powder mixed with water is highly effective in preventing nausea, and it soothes the stomach and gives relief from inflammation. So, now you know what to try when you have motion or morning sickness.

Perfect Aid for Common Cold

The anti-inflammatory gingerols and shaogals present in ginger root help relieve the common cold. Consuming it with lukewarm water can have immediate effects on cold and flu. You can also mix ginger powder, clove powder, and salt and gobble them twice daily for relief. The anti-inflammatory gingerols and shaogals present in ginger root help relieve the common cold.

Aids in Weight loss

Dry ginger facilitates weight loss by improving digestion, which helps in burning stored fat and processing glucose in the blood. Thanks to its thermogenic properties, it also speeds up metabolism and controls fat absorption. Another benefit of dry ginger is its ability to curb hunger and overeating.

Lowers cholesterol

Scientific research has proven that dry ginger helps lower total cholesterol and triglyceride levels.

Menstrual pain

Traditionally, dry ginger has also been used for relief from various aches and pains, including menstrual pain. A study of 150 women showed considerable improvement in menstrual pains when consumed one gram of dry ginger powder per day during the first three days of their cycles.

Nausea and morning sickness in pregnant women

Dry ginger is also effective in lessening the symptoms of nausea and morning sickness in pregnant women. Consuming even half a teaspoon of dry ginger powder mixed with honey and warm water offers quick relief to those suffering from these symptoms.

Lowers blood sugar

Dry ginger is an excellent natural remedy for controlling high blood sugar in the body. Consume up to two grams of ginger powder mixed in warm water with a pinch of salt, and this is more effective when had in the morning, on an empty stomach.


Dry ginger mixed with salt also helps in reducing inflammation in the body, especially with swollen joints and fingers. It has also proven to offer relief from inflammation caused by injuries.

 Immune System Boost

Ginger is highly effective at boosting your immune system and fighting bacterial infections. Ginger has the impressive ability to kill Staphylococcus aureus and Streptococcus pyogenes. These two bacteria are ubiquitous and can cause complications to people whose immune system has already been compromised. Before going into a hospital for any examination or surgery, you will want to fill your diet up with plenty of ginger to provide your immune system with a significant boost and protect it from any bacteria that will want to attack your body.

Fungal Infection Treatments

Ginger has been found not only to have anti-bacterial properties but anti-fungal properties as well. Many women use ginger to help fight yeast infections, and ginger is known for having the chemicals shall and gingerol, which has been discovered to very actively, fight against fungus.


You don't need to make massive changes to your diet to get that extra bit of ginger into your diet.

A half-teaspoon of ground ginger added to your morning smoothie or porridge is sufficient. Ginger goes well with carrots and sweet potatoes, among other veggies. Ginger is a crucial ingredient in many Asian recipes.

Popular recipes with ginger

Ginger can be used in vegetables, stir-fries, chicken dishes, soups, curries, sauces for main dishes, salad dressings, desserts, smoothies, and even pancakes and tea. Sprinkle it on applesauce or vegetables before roasting them.

Some familiar ginger-augmented recipes include

  • A smoothie contains the spice ginger.
  • Lime, herb, ginger, and jalapeno-infused chicken salad wrap
  • To make turkey patties, cilantro, scallions, and ginger are utilized.
  • Pancakes made with ginger and sweet potatoes.
  • Fresh ginger root can be grated or chopped into chunks and kept in water. 
  • That's a fantastic idea, or you could put it in a smoothie or stir-fry. 
The possibilities are limitless. The advantages of ginger powder are long-term in nature.
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