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Pink Salt – Nature’s Goodness

Pink Salt – Nature’s Goodness

Chiltan Pure Himalayan Pink Salt is one of the purest salts on the earth, originating from the Himalayan foothills. It has made its debut in the culinary world, providing cooks with an alternative to common white table salt. The mineral content of Himalayan Pink Salt is unique and rich, allowing it to promote electrolyte balance, increase hydration, balance pH, and even low blood pressure.

Benefits of Pink Himalayan Salt

Let's talk about why you'd want to use pink Himalayan salt before we get into how to utilize it.

You've undoubtedly been lowering your salt intake if you've been eating healthier. Natural salts, such as pink Himalayan salt, on the other hand, provide numerous health benefits.

  • It's high in minerals like iron and calcium, which the majority of people don't get enough of in their daily diet. Furthermore, sodium is required to maintain fluid balance and contract muscles.
  • Himalayan pink salt is a pure and organic alternative to table salt, allowing you to acquire the sodium you need while also reaping the advantages that table salt lack.
  • Let's speak about how to cook with pink Himalayan salt now that we've persuaded you to make the switch.

Used Instead of Table Salt

Salt is a useful spice for a variety of foods, including meats, rice, vegetables, potatoes, and soups.

Sprinkle Over Soft Pretzels

The soft texture of the pretzel, combined with crunchy salt and sticky cheese, makes it the ideal snack.

Cook on a Himalayan Salt Block

One thing that makes pink Himalayan salt so amazing is its versatility. Of course, you can use it to season your foods, but you can also use it for cooking your nourishment.

Himalayan salt blocks make excellent cooking surfaces. The crystalline structure allows heat to spread evenly instead of being hotter in the centre and cooler on the edges. 

Use it to Season Steak

Seasoning is key for steak, and even high-end steak can seem lacklustre without proper seasoning.

Using pink Himalayan salt is the perfect way to cook amazing steaks at home. Natural salt will absorb the meat juices while cooking, so your steak will retain its flavour. Once you try it once, you'll never want to go back to unsalted steak.

Make Sports Drinks

  • If you're trying to live a healthy lifestyle, you probably spend a few hours a week exercising.
  • If so, your body probably needs electrolytes. While many grab for their favourite-coloured sports drink, there is a healthier option. You can make your DIY sports drink with some water and pink Himalayan salt.
  • Just place Himalayan salt chunks into a glass jar, cover it with water, and let it sit overnight. If all the salt chunks have dissolved by morning, add a few more. Repeat this process until the water is so saturated with salt that the salt chunks no longer dissolve.
  • Strain the remaining chunks out of the water and store this mixture in the fridge. Mix one teaspoon of this into a glass of water to boost your electrolytes before or after your workout.
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